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Original work by Jos Vromans is only sold by the wallets: vromance.eth / vromance.tez
(Links to Etherscan / TzKT), or through one of the above platforms.
Here is a link to the OpenSea profile for this Ethereum wallet.

A few selected collections are described below. The work section on this website contains more information about selected works.


Attraction was published on ArtBlocks on December 17th, 2021.

Jos Vromans | Artwork | Attraction Mint 424
Attraction mint #424. (watch live view)

All 444 unique variations have been minted. The collection can be seen on the official ArtBlocks website and secondary purchases are possible through OpenSea.

All artworks are generated from 3327 bytes of pure JavaScript code, which is on chain.


Jos Vromans | Artwork | Astratta Mint 1 and 9
Astratta mint #001 and #009.

Astratta was published on on November 19th, 2021 and all 500 unique variations have been minted. Secondary purchases are possible through OpenSea.

All artworks are generated from pure JavaScript code, which is uploaded on chain here.

Triangle Subdivisions

Triangle Subdivisions is a showcase how little code can generate a lot of variation. Only 638 bytes of JavaScript are needed to generate the entire collection of 638 unique artworks. The code is pinned on IPFS, and the collection can be seen here.

Jos Vromans | Artwork | 9 variations of Triangle Subdivisions 9 unique variations of Triangle Subdivisions
Jos Vromans | Artwork | The code needed to generate all 638 variations
The 638 characters of JavaScript code that generated all 638 unique artworks.

I made this page to display all the 638 variations, ordered by their 'subdivision strategy', so they are grouped together.
As a bonus, you can add any mint number to that url, to tile the entire page with the same artwork. Example for mint #53.

Charity donations

The following donations were made from my Ethereum wallet. Clicking on the amount will link to the transaction on Etherscan.

    1.0 ETH to COTAP to offset carbon (via The Giving Block)
    0.5 ETH to The Rainforest Foundation
    0.5 ETH to Coral Restoration Foundation (via The Giving Block)
    1.0 ETH to The Ocean Cleanup

Two of my artworks 'Astratta for Ukraine' have been auctioned for a total of 0.205 ETH, with all the proceeds going to Unchain Fund, to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid. This auction has been initiated by and the collection can be seen here.
The total proceeds of the auction for this entire collection are transferred in this transaction.