Born in Meijel, the Netherlands in 1987. Studied Applied Mathematics at Fontys University in Tilburg and worked 5 years for Maykin Media in Amsterdam as a backend web developer, before quitting his job in 2018 to pursue his passion for algorithmic art.

Artist statement

In my work, I am exploring different concepts of mathematics and computing. There is no better way of understanding such concepts than by implementing them yourself, visualizing them and visualizing variations of it. I do this by writing my own software that generates images. I implement algorithms to generate a pattern or a collection of geometrical shapes. Even with basic shapes and logic, complex-looking results can be made by using the power of iteration.

After I implement one idea, I change some parameters or some logic in the code in a quest for new variations. The effect on the result is sometimes surprising and beyond my capabilities to predict. It excites me to know that there are many variations out there that I have yet to discover.

Since every piece is generated by an algorithm, there are always several parameters that can be changed. This means that every image can be turned into an animation, by changing one or more parameters. You can find some of these animations on Instagram and YouTube (links in the footer).


Long Distance Drawing 2024 - The artwork 'Décomposition' is included in this event by La Ligne. It will be plotted with their plotter in Amiens, France, and exhibited from April 3th until May 23th, 2024.

NFCastle - 'Freedom' is a unique digital artwork, that was part of the NFCastle collection, exhibited in November 2022 in the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle.

Vellum LA - Astratta was part of the GEN.ART Immutable exhibition in Los Angeles, USA

Samsung Event NYC - A piece from the Attraction collection was showcased at this event during NFT NYC in October 2022.

Bridges Math Art - Two of my pieces are accepted for the Bridges Math Art Exhibition in Linz, Austria on July 16-20, 2019.

Publication in Euclides Magazine - An article about Symmetrical Triangle subdivisions was published in Euclides magazine (in Dutch), December 2022, as well as the cover image.

Gallery Venetiæ - A selection of my work is featured in Steven Rutger's 'Gallery Venetiæ'.


You can reach me by e-mail or via LinkedIn.